About us


HADRIA d.o.o. is a company headquartered in Novalja on the island of Pag. The company operates with Hotel Loža and Camping Straško, one of the largest and best camping sites in Croatia that has received a Quality in Tourism Award for the first place in the large camping site category for 2011.

The beginnings of tourism on the island of Pag date back to the 1920s. HADRIA continues this longstanding tradition, constantly investing in its offer and capacities and thus contributing to destination’s positive development.

The corporate name derives from the name of the ancient town of Adria (Greek: Hadria) that was once located in the present North Adriatic, after which the entire bay was named – Adria/Adriatic.

Its connection with the sea and Adriatic is reflected in the corporate logo that incorporates an element of a sea wave, but also in its branding colors with prevailing shades of marine blue.

HADRIA uses its best efforts to offer an extensive and diverse range of tourist programs to its customers, adapting to all their demands and needs to the maximum extent possible. Thanks to its ongoing improvements of its tourist product, the company has recorded a substantial increase in turnover in recent years and its facilities accounted for 26% of all overnights in the country and 43% of all overnights in the town of Novalja in 2011.